Am sorry but you warned me [] ₹° °

Am worry but you warned me. Am sorry that I didn’t listen to you when you said,”drinking and driving is not #lit”,I didn’t see any matter in the wrong things that I did. What am I to do ? All I wish was that I listened to you when you warned me ,because b w am I’m a position, place I didn’t want to be. Who’s to blame? Me or you ,yeah I know am to blame. You played your part of warning me but I choose not to listen.I was drunk and I drove myself home but to look at it  am not at home am at the HOSPITAL! in ICU and am not liking it here this place is cruel towards me and I don’t like things that are going to hurt me…oh wait ,thats already done by ME. I hate to say this but I don’t like the life I lived all I wish is to come back and fix it but how because it seems like I would be surrounded by these machines for a long time all I wish is right now is that I listened you when you warned me.


Life calls…

When “Life” calls you have to respond in a blink of an eye,when “Life” says jump you must ask how high because you don’t know what it has for you. I have learn a lot of things in my 19 years life experience and if I would say that I haven’t learnt a thing that would be a blustfull and colorful lie to all of my people. I have  seen life’s up and downs and to be honest they pretty suck,I have had tough times in my life and more tough times are yet to come all I just have to do I embrace myself because the roller coaster is going fast and faster,round and much rounder and sometimes I kinda put a smile on my flikery face. So I bow my head down and thank the one almighty for keeping me even though my life looks messy as I came to think of it that the only thing that makes my life interesting…”THE MESSES OF MY LIFE.”